Enhance Your Home …

Your home frames your past, enhances the present and enlightens your future. Your best memories are here. And your biggest dreams. The guest room soon to be a baby room. The storage basement soon to be a great home theater and video space for the kids. The expanded closet space on the first floor for a new puppy’s food and water. The mud room for the son or daughter who just started soccer. Or, the in-law suite for an elderly relative who may need some care and wants more time with the grandkids.

… Enhance Your Life

We are called Enhanced for a reason. We want our construction and remodeling work to enhance your life. Big, bright rooms. Gleaming floors. Fantastic bathrooms with great amenities. Master suites that still elicit an “ahhh” 10 years after your work is complete. And of course, jaw-dropping kitchens.

Need Help?
The Three C’s.

We take a hands-on approach to our work and pride ourselves on the three “C’s” – Custom, Creative, Community.

Your new build or remodel shouldn’t just meet your needs, it should do it with flair, detail, and an eye on the neighborhood or community it’s a part of. Build-out or build-up? Extension or finished basement? Deck or screened porch? What fits best into your life? What will add curb appeal and increase your home value? What will add that little “extra something” that takes your home from “great” to “awesome?” That’s where we come in.

We Love Arlington (and all of Northern Virginia)

In the past 20 years, Arlington, VA, has become one of the fastest growing counties in the US, with an extremely high median income and one of the best school systems in the country. At just 21 square miles, Arlington is one of those rare areas that not only preserves its history and storied neighborhoods, but embraces the new styles of homes which just add to the flavor of each specific neighborhood.

As Amazon’s HQ2 moves into town soon, inventory will go down and remodels of your existing home will become a very viable option to achieve the home lifestyle you want. We would love to help you ”find the awesome” that your current home’s potential has.