How should I choose a custom home building company?

The main things to look at are experience, reputation, and testimonials. Is the company experienced? Can they show you photos of past jobs? Do they have satisfied customers and positive reviews? Does their communication style work for you? Are they licensed and insured? Are they knowledgeable about the processes in your area and community? These are some good questions to ask yourself when you’re considering a custom home building company.

Does your company offer a guarantee of the work?

All work is guaranteed from 6 months to 10 years.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes – Enhanced is a class A licensed company carrying liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

How many years of experience does your company have?

Enhanced has 100+ years of combined experience. We know roofing, remodeling and homebuilding inside and out and we have seen it all!

Can I see homes that you have previously built?

Yes! Please view our gallery of custom homes or browse homes that are for sale or have sold.

Can I tour a home you have built, or speak to someone you’ve built a home for?

Absolutely! You can check out our current homes for sale and tour them on your own, or call or email us to set up a home tour or get a customer referral.

Do you build on my lot? Can you help me find a lot?

We can build on your lot or help you find one. We pride ourselves on offering a full-service design, build, and optional real estate process.

Do you have in-house designers and architects?

No, we do not have in-house designers or architects; we’re focused on being the best custom home builder we can be. We collaborate with our architectural firm and/or designers, or can offer recommendations if you need one.

How long does it typically take to build a custom home?

Each project is different, so time and price will vary greatly depending on the scope and size of the project. Most of our custom home projects take between 3-5 months for plans and permits and 6-8 months to build. One of the reasons our customers are highly satisfied with Enhanced Custom Homes is that we give realistic, reasonable time and cost estimates, and we stick to them.

How many custom homes has your company built?

Enhanced Custom Homes has built over 100 custom homes, and remodeled countless more. To see some of the homes we have built, please view our gallery of custom homes or browse homes that are for sale or have sold.

How will I choose materials, colors, etc.? Do you help with that part of the process?

Most of our clients prefer to make these selections on their own. However, Enhanced is happy to make suggestions on paint selections and design choices if desired. We also can refer you to a designer to help with your project.

Is building my own custom home more or less expensive than buying a new home? Can I afford a custom home?

If you are planning to buy a house, then you can definitely afford to build a custom home! There are many factors and variables in determining the cost of your custom home, but the costs don’t tend to skew wildly from buying a ready-made home.

What factors impact the cost of a custom home?

Costs for any custom home can vary significantly. Many factors are at play, including the finishes, appliances, current state of the lot and its wiring, plumbing, and so forth, and many more factors. We will present a cost and time estimate and keep you apprised of any potential changes or unforeseen expenses as soon as they arise.

What is your service area for custom home building?

Enhanced Custom Homes primarily builds in the Arlington and Falls Church areas of Northern Virginia.

Will I need a permit for my project? Do you help with that part of the process?

When building a custom home, multiple permits will be required. The experienced professionals at Enhanced Custom Homes will be happy to help you navigate the permit process.